Start up your site immediately!

It´s free of charge for the first month, after which you can decide whether to continue

The cost depends on the site hosting period, traffic generated, disk space usage and CPU time usage:

In practice, an average site can cost under 100 € a year. One with lots of traffic and lots of content can be up to 300 euro per year. There are custom plans you can choose according to your needs.

Web space usage is determined on a daily basis. Payment is exclusively by credit card. There is no minimum time period. You can keep your site online for just 1 or 2 months if you wish. After the trial period, you only pay for what you use. You don´t need to register a domain. You can save money by using one of our virtual domains: If you do decide to register your own domain, your site will be accessible at yoursitename as well as

A few examples of costs

Try it free of charge for 30 days to find out exactly what you would pay after the free trial period. Then you can decide whether to keep your site online or remove it.

IMPORTANT: With Takys you don´t accumulate any charges automatically. The service is interrupted automatically after a period of non-payment, in which case you owe us nothing. So it´s not a problem if you forget to remove a site beyond the trial period. All you have to do is not pay and Takys engine will remove the site without you being charged a cent !

To contact Takys staff email to - Takys also speaks  Italian and Romanian.