Security and reliability

Security and reliability are the key strengths of Takys. The security system used to protect your data is designed to meet extremely rigorous requirements. The use of redundant servers (several machines doing the same job) and separate datacenters guarantee that your site will continue to operate even in the event of a server breakdown or an extended blackout. Your data are also saved hourly on other servers at a distance of more than 2000 km from the main servers, ready to go online when needed.  The performance and usability of your website are monitored every 10 minutes day and night by the Intervista service, which is capable of immediately alerting our staff if a problem arises.
You can rely on us to protect your data and guarantee the functionality of your website !

Hardware technologies

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Takys servers, based on state-of-the-art 64bit processor technologies, are located at the OVH  datacenter in France, which assures uninterrupted operation and 24-hour technical support. Power is always maintained even in the event of extended blackouts. The internet bandwidth available to Takys Engine servers and therefore to your site is currently 10Gb/s, which is more than sufficient to guarantee extremely rapid access for everyone. Takys also has other redundant servers located at a foreign datacenter ready to go online in the event of problems with the main servers.

Website technologies

Every page of your website generated by Takys is created in conformity with the XHTML 1.0 Transitional language standard and is validated in accordance with W3C specifications. For graphics and layouts, Takys uses styles created in conformity with CSS 2  specifications.

To contact Takys staff email to - Takys also speaks  Italian and Romanian.